Hayleys Advantis Limited, established as one of the largest logistics companies in Sri Lanka with a presence spread across South East Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and Africa, are well positioned to cater to logistics needs, be it in third Party Logistics, Warehousing, Free Zone Logistics, Project Logistics, Logistics related Engineering solutions, Oil & Gas Logistics, Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Ship Operations and Marine Services.

What they used from Inova

IT Resource Augmentation

Inova has provided a number of IT resources for the internal projects of Hayleys Advantis Limited

Some Words From Our Clients

"We at Dialog are pleased with the skills and enthusiasm of INOVA engineers performing a commendable job as ADF developers. They quickly adapted to our working culture and started to be productive from day 1, working cordially with our team. We have further augmented our QA testing staff with QA resources from Inova and this combination has worked well for us. We are proud to have Inova as a partner working for us."

"May I first say it has been a pleasure working with you. Your flexible and professional approach was a welcome surprise and far exceed any of our previous outsourcing experience. You delivered promptly on fixing another company's undocumented broken code with an unsuspected bonus - your staff had documented the errors in the previous code, explained your fix, and made suggestions for the future. We were all surprised and impressed by this, and it was a talking point in our company."

"We have been working with Inova IT Systems for almost 4 years, and they have done a great job supporting our advanced scientific software. They have been able to transform and update our dated software into a modern and impressive new system. Their developers are ably supported by a strong analysis and lead by a great management team."

"HDFC bank has been experiencing an outstanding customer service from Inova IT systems. Friendly and willing to give their helping hand to customers at any cost. Always follows through and finds the answers to any questions and reports back to the customer promptly."

W M A Bandara | CIO HDFC Bank