Successful Completion of ETFB System Training Marks a Milestone in User Empowerment

Successful Completion of ETFB System Training Marks a Milestone in User Empowerment

In a significant achievement, the ETFB system training, initiated in March 2023, culminated successfully in July 2023, marking a crucial milestone in the journey towards system proficiency. The extensive training, spanning five months, unfolded at the CIPM Narahenpita, with enthusiastic participation from ETFB users across the entire island.

The training sessions, orchestrated with precision, were designed to equip users from every corner of the island with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the ETFB system effectively. Hosted at the CIPM Narahenpita, the 21 training sessions were conducted with a strategic focus on creating a pool of proficient trainers capable of cascading knowledge throughout the user community.

The training adopted a "train the trainer" methodology, aiming at creating a cadre of skilled trainers well-versed in the intricacies of the ETFB system. The ultimate goal was to empower these trainers to disseminate their acquired knowledge, ensuring a cascading effect that reaches a broad spectrum of users.

Throughout the rigorous five-month training period, user enthusiasm for the ETFB system was palpable. Participants engaged actively with Inova trainers, showcasing a deep commitment to mastering the intricacies of the system. The interactive nature of the training sessions fostered an environment conducive to effective learning and skill acquisition.

The comprehensive training curriculum comprised 21 sessions, each meticulously crafted to cover various aspects of the ETFB system. From foundational concepts to advanced functionalities, each training session aimed to provide users with a holistic understanding, ensuring competence in utilizing the system to its full potential.

The successful completion of the ETFB system training program stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of both the participants and the training facilitators. The collaboration between Inova trainers and ETFB users has not only strengthened the collective expertise but also positioned the island's workforce for enhanced efficiency in utilizing the ETFB system.

As a result of this comprehensive training initiative, the island-wide ETFB user community is now armed with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the system adeptly. The successful "train the trainer" approach ensures that this newfound expertise is disseminated widely, fostering continuous learning and optimization of the ETFB system.

The successful completion of the ETFB system training not only signifies the culmination of a meticulous five-month endeavour but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in operational excellence. The island-wide user community is now equipped to harness the full potential of the ETFB system, contributing to increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and a collective commitment to technological advancement. This achievement is not just a milestone; it's a testament to the power of collaborative learning and the unwavering dedication of all involved parties.

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